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Thursday, March 13, 2014


As I mentioned earlier this week, the good stuff is hosting its first giveaway today! One lucky reader will receive the QuickZip essential bundle (pictured below) to help make your life so much easier! This awesome starter set includes 1 starter set (zipper base and zipper sheet), an additional zipper sheet for convenient changing, and 1 zipper mattress pad. The QuickZip sheets made our 3-6 month favorite list for its innovative design allowing super easy and quick sheet changes. I'm so glad we were referred to these because they have helped make middle of the night bedding changes sooooo much easier!
*sleep sheep not included*
If you are expecting, all ready have a baby, or have baby showers in your near future, you will want to enter this giveaway! All you need to do is pin your favorite product from the QuickZip website and then post a comment below on why you would love to win the giveaway + the link to your pin! Super easy! I will pick a winner at random on Monday, March 17th. Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

B&A: nursery

Hi all! Today I'm going to share the before&after of Melrose's other guest bedroom! As most of you know, this guest bedroom started off as a gender neutral room with two twin beds, and now it is officially a nursery for Baby Owens (due in 9 days by the way). If you missed it, here is the post of how the room took shape with the twin beds, sans the rest of the furniture, and my inspiration for the room. I knew it would eventually be a nursery so I wasn't in too big of a rush to finish it up. Along the way I updated my inspiration boards with the nursery additions and just recently shared a sneak peek of the room! Now, all the decor is in place and we are patiently awaiting Baby Owens' arrival to make the room complete! 

Here is a quick, not-so-great-quality before picture of the room so you can see the full transformation. The room was a pale yellow with a super fancy frog and bug fan (the previous owners loved silly, kid fans if you remember seeing the hot pink flower power one in the other guest bedroom!). 
The wall color didn't change too drastically, but I chose Benjamin Moore's Elephant Tusk for this room. I thought it was a nice, soft cream that would set the tone for a gender neutral room. We replaced the fan with a simple, white ceiling fan. 

And, here is how the room looks now! 
I decided to keep the gold task lamps and I am pretty happy with them now! They don't take up too much room and I like the directional lighting they provide - it saved me from having to take up more space in the corner with a reading lamp. 

One of my favorite additions - a sweet ultrasound picture of Baby Owens at 18 weeks. See his cute little legs all curled up!?

I decided to use a simple, sitting chair instead of a rocker or glider due to the amount of room in the corner and I think it is going to work out perfectly. We actually have a recliner in the den that we can use for rocking, if needed. I was immediately sold on this soft orange velvet chair and love the color it brings into the room. 

The mobile that kicked start all of my inspiration for the nursery! It is handmade by a super talented Etsy seller and I'm obsessed with all her hand knitted animal mobiles. She is definitely worth checking out!
The glass box on the shelf will be used to collect all of Baby Owens' special momentos. The brass shoe bookend is made from one of Brandon's first pairs of baby shoes! 

I love these black and white striped canvas bins from the container store! They helped me organize everything in our tiny closet and they even match the room decor. 

So, what do you think? I'm so happy to have it "ready" before his arrival, but now I am so anxious to meet our sweet baby boy! If you want to see all the sources from the nursery, check out my inspiration board or feel free to email me. Hope you all have a great rest of the week! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

SNEAK PEEK: nursery

Please don't give up on the blog - just yet! I swear I'm just super busy with baby showers, organizing the nursery, design work, and just haven't found the time to blog! I have several posts just waiting to be loaded so please be patient. 

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen a small sneak peek of Baby Owens' nursery last night, but if you missed it, here are a few pictures of the progress so far. To refresh your brain of the big picture idea, look back at my inspiration boards and mock ups here. Don't worry, I will be sharing final pictures in the next few weeks so don't judge my iphone quality. This is just a sneak peek

Currently I am still waiting on the chair and I need to hang the mobile and organize the dressers, but it is coming along! Brandon keeps saying, "it doesn't really look like a baby's room," which just cracks me up. I guess he was imagining clowns or bears all over the walls? Silly boys. I'm really happy with the way it is turning out and I just can't believe a tiny babe will be living in this room in about 2 months. Time is flying! More to come, stay tuned!

Friday, February 8, 2013


When I was at Scott's antique mall in January, somehow I became fixated on vintage rocking horses. I don't know what made me take notice to them, but once I spotted 1 - I spotted 20. Unfortunately, any of the super cute, truly vintage ones were mega pricy so I was about to give up when I noticed this precious, petite little guy. He is definitely for younger toddlers (standing at a massive 2 ft tall), but it was in my price range and I loved the rustic, gender neutral colors - immediately I knew it would be perfect for Baby Owens' nursery.
After looking through some of my inspiration pictures, again, I started to spy rocking horses (or any animal, really) left and right. They are truly a classic, vintage piece perfect for any kids room. I think it will be something fun to keep in the family and pass down. What do you think? Check out these inspiring nurseries.

This is what I imagine when you say - classic, vintage rocking horse - all wood, shaggy main and tail, and perfect height to hop up on to. If only this size would have been available in my price range ...

May not be a rocking horse, in fact I'm not positive what animal it is, but it definitely rocks and you can ride it. It looks so cozy and sweet! I love it's texture paired with the floating butterflies next to the clean, white walls and streamline crib. 
This is such a fun way to show off artwork - I've recently seen several creative ways of how to display art projects around the house ... but that's for another post
The simple, all wooden models are definitely very popular - an easy decision so that it doesn't compete with the rest of the nursery decor.

A nice, safe option with a back rest ... we don't want any babies falling out! 

I love this entire room - I would never have the guest to put all these similar color tones together and patterns, but it all works perfectly together. That cherry rug in the center is right amount of pop to play off of the blues. I'm also in love with the mini doll beds all lined up - how precious. Can you spot the vintage rocking horse!? 
That's it for now! I can't wait for the day when Baby Owens' can try out his rocking horse for the first time. Do you think he will like it!?

Monday, January 28, 2013

UPDATE: guest bedroom to NURSERY

Hello all! It seems wild that I just did an update post on Melrose's guest bedroom, and I all ready have another update to the room to share with you guys!  I knew all along that this room would eventually be a nursery so it shouldn't be that crazy to me.

I knew I would keep the same color palette of olive green, black & white, cream, white, and gold accents regardless of the sex, and then just add in touches of pink or orange if it was a girl or boy. As you all know, we are having a precious baby boy, so orange is the winner! Don't mind my crazy photoshop skills, but here is what I have mocked up so far for the nursery ...
We will leave one of the twin beds in the room and replace the other with a sitting nook and crib ...

I want to keep this side of the room simple and fuss free with all the focus on the crib and the hand knitted mobile. I know I am branching out and doing a pretty, accent chair rather than a rocker or glider, but this corner doesn't have much room and about 20 feet away in the den is a comfy recliner that rocks ... so I'm going for style points in the nursery!
This wall is opposite from the window and is sandwiched between two doors - a closest and entry. I want to hang a few of these acrylic book shelves on the back of each door since I don't have room for a bookshelf. We will use this dresser as a changing table and storage for all the baby goodies.
Here is an overall style board for the nursery. I want to hang this series of black of white vintage horse prints above the twin bed (opposite wall of the crib) and I'm still looking for a light cow hide rug to use. I'm really loving the direction of the room and I can't wait to see it all come together. 
check out all the sources on my nursery board

So, what do you think? I know it doesn't seem too "baby" but that also isn't my style. I want the room to be functional before and after the baby and not limited strictly to a nursery. I have updated the room a tad since the last pictures I posted -- I added the night stand and have made an attempt at bedside lighting ... but I'm not 100% sold on the lamps. I need your opinion! Here is a quick phone iphoto to give you an idea -
 [ignore the knick knacks on the table] 
I like how they are directional and don't occupy too much space on the table, but I can't decide on the darker brass finish or if they are too tall and slender. They are much daintier than I imagined which is good, but now I can't tell if the center post looks awkward next to the bed frames!? What's your opinion? I don't really have another idea except for maybe these gold task lamps, but I think they will definitely be shorter and chunkier. I'm leaving them for now and they are starting to grow on me.

That's what I have so far for Baby Owens' nursery! For so long I've had so many ideas running through my head, so now I'm super excited to have settled on a direction that I love. And now is the fun part, seeing it all come together! I'll be sure and keep ya'll posted ...